Circaid juxtafit Built-In pressure system compression edema

circaid® Built-In-Pressure® system

BPS card

  • The correct compression range is simple to set
  • Makes self-management possible
  • Control of the correct compression range for effective treatment


Makes it easy to set and check the defined compression range.

The patented* circaid Built-In-Pressure System (BPS) makes it easy to set the correct compression range. Placing the card against the garment allows the defined compression range to be checked during the day and easily readjusted, if necessary. The constant maintenance of the correct pressure generates creates an compression therapy. The BPS guide card enables all the straps on the circaid compression garments to be set within the same compression range, which guarantees a graduated pressure gradient that is essential for effective compression therapy.
* Patented within the USA



  • Makes it possible to set and check the correct compression range easily

  • Simple for patients to use

  • Guarantees constant compression treatment

  • BPS guide card now enclosed with every circaid compression garment

  • Encourages and makes self-management possible